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MODAvational Notes: Newly Certified in Women, Power & Body Esteem

Posted by on October 29, 2012 | 0 comments

An Introduction from Susan

My commitment is to women being the best they can be on their journey to health and wellness. This means taking care not only of our bodies, but our minds and spirit as well. It is with this in mind that I share these MODAvational Notes. If you would like to receive these messages on a regular basis in your email, please send an email to me at Susan{at}MODAbySofia{dot}com. If you choose to read on, please do so knowing that I am committed to being a positive contribution to you and your life. Enjoy! And please feel free to comment, we would LOVE to hear from you.

You might already know this about me, I’m clear I still have a lot to learn. Not the kind of learning that happens in a school, rather the type of learning that happens deep inside my soul. I’m talking about learning that keeps me operating at a high level of integrity, tapping into my inner wisdom and contributing in a very positive way to my community.

This past week I had the most transformational coaching yet. This coaching took me to San Francisco to meet with a very wise woman who wrote the most empowering, self-fulfilling and transformational piece of study I have done.

The two day course started in a beautiful setting with excellent ambiance.  The lights were dim, the water cold and the coffee hot! There were six other women there to experience this work with me. Prior to the program and without knowing one of them, I buddied up with another participant and asked if she’d like to share a room with me, and she accepted. We were on Union Square so the room rates were a direct result of our very desirable location.

I traveled up to San Francisco with some apprehension, but not too much. I had already spoken to the creator of this work on the phone and had an instant connection. What a gem of a woman; so generous with her time, so connected to humanity and so willing to teach me everything she knew so I could continue on my path to positively contribute to those around me. Little did I know I was in for the transformation of my life and I don’t mean some little truth nugget that I might rely upon from time to time. I mean 100% alteration on the way I see myself — naked — figuratively and literally.

In one of the first exercises, we brought to light where we derive our self-worth. Is it internal or external? External things change, thus self-worth hangs in the balance of these ‘things’ staying constant. Internal worth is your view of who you. So much easier to control and adjust as you see fit.

Then we defined what it meant to be a ‘woman.’ Do you realize how much society, our parents, our teachers, our spouse influences that? When I dispelled the societal notion of womanhood, what a sense of relief! I am a real woman and I get to say what that looks like for me! How powerful is that? No more comparing myself to others!

Then we went on to realize how we express our feelings: do we express them or do we keep them locked up? Most of us suppress them to the point of exploding. That has been my MO from time to time. When I am operating in deep connection to my inner wisdom, I do express my feelings in such a way that leaves everyone feeling ok! Here is the key: you have to be able to hear your inner wisdom! When your feelings are suppressed, they stack on top of your inner wisdom, your gut feeling, and it becomes ever so difficult to hear your own body talking to you.

The days progressed with great learning and coaching; some exercises had me crying like a baby longing to know my father. These suppressed feelings of many years ago bubbled up once and for all, and shouted out, “Ask about him!”

The first day was powerful, the second day was life altering. I connected with my body like I never have before. Once I opened the energy flow in my body and I was able to hear my inner wisdom, oh boy did it have so much to say.

Have you ever looked at yourself naked in the mirror? Have you ever written down, (yes, on a piece of paper) all the things you like about your body? I urge you to try it. Before this training program, when I looked in the mirror, I saw one body with two parts. My neck up was one part, neck down part two. Part one was great. Part two not so great. NOW, it’s all one contiguous, powerful, wise piece. One body that tells me what it needs and asks for attention when it needs it.

I could go on and on about this experience. The beauty of it, the power in it, the freedom of it all and if I did, I’d have it published. For now, let me leave you with this: Being a woman means taking care of yourself, completely, totally and wholly. It means exercising your muscles; eating for nutrition and removing that which blocks your energy flow so that you may listen to what your body is telling you.

I am one of five very lucky women that were trained in this coaching work called Women, Power & Body Esteem. I am honored to help pioneer a new paradigm for women! Stay tuned for more MODAvational posts about my journey and upcoming group and private coaching sessions.

My intention to hold space as women transform their relationship with their body, access their self-worth and be the powerful leaders they are meant to be. This makes me unstoppable!

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