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MODAvational Note: Knock, Knock….Who’s there?

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An Introduction from Susan

My commitment is to women being the best they can be on their journey to health and wellness.  This means taking care not only of our bodies, but our minds and spirit as well.  It is with this in mind that I share these MODAvational Notes.  If you would like to receive these messages on a regular basis in your email, please send an email to susan{at}MODAbySofia{dot}com. If you choose to read on, please do so knowing that I am committed to being a positive contribution to you and your life. Enjoy! And please feel free to comment, we would LOVE to hear from you

…knock, knock… who’s there?

My self-esteem is the consequence of my ability to live consciously, responsibly, purposefully, and with integrity.
It is rooted in my awareness of who I am and how I live my life.
It is not affected by the actions and opinions of others nor by my successes or failures. 

My self-esteem is internally based and directly reflects my willingness to face fully my own responsibility for my life.
As I do so, I am open to grow, to change, to evolve, and to enjoy the self-empowerment of a vital self-esteem.

~ Author unknown

I love this quote for so many reasons. Not only does it touch the bottom of my heart and soul, it is a constant reminder that I am who I am by my own choice. So many of us consider ourselves worthy based on our weight, our hair color, our clothing – maybe our spouse and car we drive, or the high paying, illustrious career we have. These are all external forces that can change and/or go away. These things don’t make us who we are, they are just things, relationships we acquire along the way.

When we look to external items to give us our value, we are left vulnerable to change. Can you relate – your dream job, the one you’ve had for 20 years, the company you grew up with, the company you helped nurture into a great, well-oiled machine, suddenly says, “Thanks for all your hard work, we are restructuring and you have been given an early retirement package. Good luck in all you future endeavors.” (shoulders slump, abs contract, spine curves, and a huge fist fills your entire mid-section, UGH)

This all-consuming job that somehow became your everything and was your source for self-worth, is now gone. The new, luxurious car you just leased has to go back to the dealer; the designer jeans with tags on them in your closet – gone back to the store; the expensive dinner dates with your friends, off your calendar; not to mention your appointment with your fav gal pal hair specialist is now cancelled. And what are you left with…besides really exposed routes that need to be colored badly?

You are left with YOU; be-you-tiful, smart, vivacious YOU.

Just like the above poem says – our self-esteem is a direct reflection of how we show up in our own lives.  Being true to ourselves and living a powerful life in purpose and integrity. Being responsible for the creation of who we are rather than what valuable items we have accumulated along our life’s journey. Being willing to always participate completely, rather than sitting on the bleachers watching life go by. Being able to discern what really makes our heart dance, and going for it with conviction and joy.
Which do you prefer?
“She lives in a great house, drives a great car and always has nice hair and nails. She spends the day comparing herself to others, complaining about her kids and always shows up late.’
“Loving friend, great co-worker and inspiring leader. She is passionate about her life’s mission and makes a positive impact on those around her”

Do you know who you are? I mean, really know how you show up in your life? Are you showing up with courage to take on what complaints you have? Are you showing up with integrity and honoring those around you? Are you showing up totally self-expressed and free the constraints the past imposes upon you? Are you living in a world of total freedom to create the life you love? Are you deeply and totally in love with yourself? (And I don’t mean a ‘love your booty’ kind of way. It is NOT about loving the image of how you look so you’re always ‘looking good’, it’s a deep love and connection with yourself as a human being that honors the true you!)

Life is so much more fun when we get to create it out of our own will. Take a minute to look inside and ask, Am I who I want to be? Am I living my life full of passion? Am I living my life’s mission to my fullest potential? Do I love who I am?

I invite you to share your answers with me.
Until we meet again, may God bless you!

PS – I love this image…. if you have a scale – place it inside your suite case, in the garage – take it out when you need to travel to weigh your bag. Aside from that, it really has no use!


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