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MODAvational Monday: Spring is Summer’s Warm Up

Posted by on May 7, 2012 | 0 comments

Spring has sprung! I imagine in the rest of the country, the shorts have come out of hiding and fite dresses are starting to enter regular wardrobe rotation.  I love spring because it’s the warm-up to summer.  With summer, we get to show off more of our bodies, arms and legs to be sure.  If you live in Southern California, no matter your age, most women wear two-piece bathing suits, which means baring the middle.  The thought of that just makes me suck in my gut automatically.


Being a curvaceous and 40+ woman, I have to work at keeping my figure.  Not everything is perfect, but I’ve got accustomed to the areas that are loose and giggly.  Goodness knows, I have to work out to keep everything where it is so that it doesn’t get any more loose or have gravity pull it any further.  I also embrace the motto, “Everything looks better with a tan!” (with responsible SPF use, of course!)


The point I’m trying to make is that summer is coming! I have to turn up my workout to be ready to brave the bathing suit.  As a Jazzercise instructor, I’m adding more core and arm work. I’m putting in just that little more effort with the hopes that maybe this year being in a bikini won’t be such a confronting event. I want to bare it with more grace and ease, like it’s no big deal. (The little voice in my head just snickered.)


What do you do to prepare your mind and body for summer?  Does spring motivate you to push yourself that much more in your workouts?  Is spring your summer warm-up and it gets you started?  Do tell and comment below!



We think it’s important to start the work week off right, so we’re doing a new meme on Mondays: MODAvational Monday. We want you looking forward to Monday’s messages of motivation and inspiration.  Look for yourself and see what motivates you to do better and be better.


Write a blog post (and link up below), find a pinteresting pin (and link too!), tweet (use #MODAvationalMonday) or Facebook us what motivates you and others (especially if you’re a fitness professional!). We are looking for a like-minded community of motivated and inspired people who care about a fit body, mind and spirit.


If you write a blog post, please include a sentence toward the bottom that you are participating in MODA by Sofia’s meme, MODAvational Monday and link back to this page.  Enter your post below and then we’re linked up!


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