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Women’s Wellness Expo – September 29, 2012

Who’s coming to our Women’s Wellness Expo on Saturday, the 29th? We are going to have some fabulous vendors such as Solo Eyewear, Solar Rain Watery and Scotty B’s Hotsauce. RSVP on our facebook events page at ...

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The Balancing Act – Health & Wellness Makeover Series, Episode 14

  Episode 14 of A Lifetime of Health and Wellness Makeover, 2012 on The Balancing Act, originally airing May 28, 2012 on Lifetime Television.  A great episode! Nutritionist, David Grotto, visited Rosa’s kitchen and took the ladies grocery shopping to teach them how to prepare delicious healthy meals. Be sure to catch our Quick Tip at 12:18. MODA by Sofia is the exclusive fitness apparel sponsor of the Health & Wellness Makeover...

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One Size Fits All Is a Joke

Originally published at Apparel Search (click link for original article)   When reading, “One Size Fits All”, I always think – What a joke!  No matter what, you cannot stand a women 5′ 11″ next to a woman who is 5’ 2” and expect that they are going to wear the same size.  Her shoulders are going to be at the taller women’s waist.  At the same time, what makes us think that three sizes: S, M, L would ever...

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