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Moda by Sofia is the Exclusive Fitness Apparel Sponsor for "The Balancing Act" airing on Lifetime. The Balancing Act Health & Fitness Makeover is searching for women in their 20's, 30's, 40's, and 50's for a 6 month journey, which includes working with the nations top experts in nutrition, fitness, beauty, finance, parenting and relationships.

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MODA – Sculpts curves and...

What Makes MODA by Sofia Different?

It’s the fit first and foremost! ...

MODAperformance: MODITA Fit

MODITA – Empowers women for...

What is MODA and who is Sofia

Susan Massis Jentzsch began her own clothing line out of a desire to create activewear that fits a curvaceous woman.  Having battled her own self-image and weight issues, she knows first hand the struggle of getting into unflattering, poorly made fitness clothes.  “Sometimes half the battle of going to workout is getting over not feeling good in your workout clothes,” says Susan.

Susan’s drive behind MODA by Sofia (“Moda” is Spanish for “fashion”) is to empower women’s greatness and for women to feel good about themselves.  This is what she is instilling in her 10-year-old daughter, Gabriela Sofia, for who the clothing line is named after.

The first line made was everydayMODA, active wear created for comfort and ease in a woman’s everyday life.  However, as a longtime, Jazzercise instructor, Susan kept seeing the need for quality fitness clothing that better represents real women, not just the super-fit.

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